Children’s Leadership and Wellbeing

RRS display 6Growing up to become responsible citizens who can shape the world around them for the better…

As a school, we strongly believe in the importance of a values-based education.

Some of the principles we reflect on, and help our children reflect on, include:

Leadership: the ability to influence others positively to develop a common purpose

Impact: the ability to change things for the better

Rights and responsibilities: focusing on the UN Declaration on the Rights of the child, children realise they have rights (particularly in terms of expressing their opinions) but also responsibilities (particularly in terms of respecting others around them)

Character building: hard skills (learning to read, write, count, etc.) are key. However, soft skills (confidence, team work, grit, curiosity, etc.) are also crucial. We spend a lot of time challenging our children to become leaders who can adapt to a variety of environments and, thus, we prepare them to be active participants in 21st century society.