aviva community fund bid


La Fontaine Academy opened in 2014 and is a Primary school with 330 children in Bromley. In 2018 the School moved to its new permanent site. The school has also leased a field near to the site, which will be used for a range of school and community activities and events. On part of the field the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plan to create an allotment garden, for growing edible produce.

Although the land is spacious, it’s potential is limited severely by a lack of toilets. The PTA hope to attract Aviva Community funding to install water-less composting toilets, which operate on solar and wind power alone. Without these basic facilities, it means that only relatively short periods can be spent there. It may be the case that no facilities will prohibit some individuals from visiting at all, particularly the younger members of the community.

The allotment will be built by PTA volunteers including skilled carpenters and gardeners, the school community have been fundraising for some time and raised £1000 through a camping event. The fundraising is planned to continue to buy further equipment and water butts. The children want to design and make rainwater collection structures. The intention is to create this garden in time for Spring 2019.

The allotment will be a place where children, families and members of the wider community can come together, share/learn new skills and knowledge, whilst growing fresh and healthy produce. This food will be used in the classroom kitchen during lessons, in the school kitchen, for community picnics/social events, and to donate to local community focused charities.

The children and their families are encouraged through the school values (Excellence, Respect, Collaboration, Responsibility, Creativity) to always consider their impact (social and environmental) on the world. One of the main aims of the project is to encourage learning about environmental sustainability through low-impact food production, whilst promoting education relating to the use of water-less toilet facilities operated by solar and wind power, and producing zero waste.

These toilets have a 25+ year material lifespan and require next to no maintenance, beyond removal of the safe compost after 2 years. The compost will then be used on the allotment, reinforcing the education surrounding our eco system. They are suitable for all ages and accessible to wheelchair users.

The project will positively impact on our environmental sustainability as a community, whilst promoting an active lifestyle, improving wellbeing and facilitating human contact between different age ranges (young and old).