In everything we do as an Academy, we take account of how we can get rid of discrimination, give pupils an equal chance, and encourage everyone to get along. Our Headteacher, Dr Sebastien Chapleau, is responsible for overseeing this particular aspect of our work.

La Fontaine Academy publishes information on pupil population broken down by ethnicity and gender (see here for details), and aims to ensure that there are no gaps between groups (e.g. boys/girls, SEND/non-SEND, Pupil Premium/non-Pupil Premium, etc.).


For the 2018-2019 academic year, our objectives are to further build on previous successes to make sure that our children succeed academically and socially, while also developing a clear sense of ‘team’ and ‘community’.

You can see our Academy Development Plan for 2018-2019 by clicking here. Hard copies can be made available (just ask at the Academy Office). However, as we are always striving to reduce our negative impact on the world, we encourage people to access this document online.

Below, you can access key documents which evidence how we strive to advance equality of opportunity.


Dr Sebastien Chapleau                              Chris Stevens
Headteacher                                                Chair of Governors