Home Preparation

At La Fontaine Academy, we strongly believe in the importance of home-school partnership.

About 80% of a child's time is spent outside of school (evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.). Therefore, it's paramount that parents and carers understand how they can support their children with their learning at home.

On a regular basis, workshops are organised at school for parents/carers to discuss ways in which they can support their child(ren) at home.

In addition, parents and carers can also ensure that children use the following websites. Our teachers use these websites in some of their lessons and children have been given logins to access them.

Ensuring that children use the right login details will enable teachers to 'track' what children are working on and, if necessary, provide them with some support/challenge in class.

IMPORTANT: if your child has forgotten their details, please email our ICT Technician. You'll need to give him your child's name and class.


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Reception Learning

Click here to access a list of websites you can use to get your child ready for Reception!