Mission, Vision & Values

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STEP Academy Trust's Mission

We are committed to improving the life chances of all children. Where we have the capacity to make a difference we are morally bound to do so.

STEP Values

We also recognise our STEP values, which are shared across our academy trust. We teach children that these are our family values.
They are:

Passion: Passionate about learning
Urgency: We recognise the importance of every moment
Positivity: We spread positivity to all around us
Aspiration: We dare to be great
Commitment: We are committed to improving and progressing

Our Aims

La Fontaine Academy is an inclusive, non-denominational, state-funded primary school teaching children aged 4 to 11 in English and, for a few hours a week, in French. Our school opened in Bromley in September 2014.
Our school's beliefs are underpinned by our beliefs in inclusiveness and academic excellence. All children are welcome at our school and we strive for a diverse intake, reflecting our local community. Our school:
  • delivers the English National Curriculum through an academically-driven and bespoke curriculum;
  • focuses on maintaining high standards to secure outstanding assessment results linked to the English National Curriculum;
  • focuses on academic excellence;
  • provides pupils with an excellent preparation for secondary education;
  • develops our pupils’ cultural capital through a rich and broad curriculum and extensive community engagement. We understand education to include a deep understanding and appreciation of  world cultures as well as of the wide diversity of cultures and customs that make up contemporary life in Britain and beyond;
  • promotes tolerance and cultural exchange, guiding children to become responsible citizens in later life;
  • helps our children become rounded, happy and confident individuals and achieve their true academic potential in a friendly and disciplined school.