Academy Outcomes


Leadership and management are outstanding. The headteacher provides calm, yet inspirational leadership. [Leaders] identify the right priorities for improvement and have a shared vision of the school’s future. The Headteacher is loved and respected within the community. As one parent said ‘not only does he want our children to have a good education, but he wants them to make the world a better place’.

Pupils’ personal development is outstanding. This is a happy school. Pupils are friendly, highly articulate and confident. Their well-being and safety is the absolute priority of staff. Parents recognise this and are delighted with the work of the school.

In 2016, standards at the end of Year 2 in reading, writing and mathematics were well above the national average. All pupils in Year 1 achieved the expected standard in the phonics screening check. The proportion of children achieving a good overall level of development at the end of the Reception Year was well above average.

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good. Most pupils make good progress from their varying starting points. The teaching of writing is a strength of the school. High quality talk underpins learning in all subject areas.

Pupils benefit from a rich, broad curriculum which is enhanced by the school’s specialist French teaching. The curriculum promotes pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development extremely well.

Pupils behave well at playtimes and when moving around the school. They enjoy ‘family dining’ at lunch time and are sociable and polite.


Our Pre-Opening Ofsted Inspection Report is available here.

Ofsted inspected our school in June 2017. Our Inspection Report is available here.


The Department for Education publish performance tables for schools across the UK. You can visit their website here.

A letter from Nick Gibb MP, praising our Phonics results for 2014-2015 is available here.

A letter from Nick Gibb MP, praising our Phonics results for 2015-2016 is available here.

A letter from Nick Gibb MP, praising our Phonics results for 2016-2017 is available here.

Early Years (Reception)
2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018
National average: 69.3% National average: 70.7% National average: TBC
Bromley average: 76% Bromley average: 76.8% Bromley average: TBC
La Fontaine: 91.5% La Fontaine: 88.4% La Fontaine: 89.8%
Phonics Screening (Year 1)
Phonics Screening (Year 2 retakes)
KS1 (Year 2)
KS2 (Year 6)