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award-silverAt La Fontaine Academy, we believe a physically literate child is a competent, confident and healthy mover. Physical literacy builds motivation, confidence, physical competence and understanding of movement and, thus, provides our children with the strong foundations needed to sustain a lifelong participation in physical activities and sports.

We aim to provide a high-quality Physical Education provision that inspires our children to:

  • become physically literate and confident in a way which supports their health and fitness;
  • be physically active for sustained periods of time;
  • engage in competitive sports and activities that build character and conduct respect, fairness, self-control, courage, and persistence;
  • succeed and excel in physical activities and sport;
  • discover aptitudes, abilities and preferences, and make choices about how to get involved lifelong physical activity.

Accelerate is an additional PE provision designed to inspire, challenge and accelerate the learning of our Gifted and Talented children. The club, which usually takes place in the morning before school, targets a selection of children who are working beyond expectations in their PE lessons. These children are selected to participate in different tournaments organised by Schoolgames.

The Multi-Skills House Competition is an ongoing activity that involves every child at La Fontaine from Reception to Year 5, and up as our school grows. It takes place every day throughout the academic year. Our five houses complete a circuit program once every week. They compete against each other, gaining as many points as possible as house teams. The circuit program aims to develop pupils’ fundamental skills of agility, coordination and balance as well as embed an ethos of collaboration. More than being a fun activity during the school day, the different activities underpin the general skills used in most sports and therefore support the work done in Physical Education (PE). To support the activity, some children are chosen to be Sport Leaders. This aims to develop the sense of responsibility, confidence and self-esteem.

Health CharterAt La Fontaine Academy, French is at the heart of the curriculum and in this spirit, a linguistic twist is integrated in all PE lessons. Depending on the topic, fundamental key words are used repeatedly throughout the lesson. Language learning taught through movement, modeling and flash cards is both fun and very effective.

In Reception class, each lesson starts with a French song, where movement and sounds are linked together. The same songs are repeated throughout the whole term, so the children get familiar with the movements and the words.

The length of the PE lessons is about 120-150 minutes which enables a substantial integration of theoretical knowledge too. This covers the areas of Physiology, Humanities and Social Science linked to subjects across the curriculum. In dance, for example, floor patterns are linked to shape learning in Mathematics. In Athletics, children are introduced to traditional Sports Games and culture from Ancient ome.

To help the children stay fit and healthy we engage in different projects. In 2016-2017, the whole school is going to be part of Change4life’s initiative ‘Our Healthy Year’. Each month, we will send home some healthy challenges for children to complete at home. We need to help each other to make substantial changes and build healthy habits which is why we want families to get involved.

To find out more about our approach to Physical Education and Fitness, feel free to get in touch with our Sports Leader Astrid Kirkegaard.