Pupil Voice

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

At La Fontaine Academy, we strongly believe that every child should be nurtured to become a leader so that they can have a positive impact on our school, our community and the wider world. A core part of our vision is to support our children become citizens who can play an active role in 21st century society.

Therefore, to promote the leadership skills of our pupils, a number of responsible roles are created. Children are awarded leadership positions in a variety of ways, including by: election, application/interview process and being appointed by staff.

What does Pupil Voice look like across the school?

Children talk a lot and express their opinions on many issues. Recent debates have focused on:

• Is it right to use animals in circuses.

• If we have rights, what are our responsibilities?

• Are some toys/games just for boys? Are some just for girls?

• What can we do to make society more equal?


We also have a School Council which is democratically elected by children, for children. Elected Councillors bring issues discussed in class to a fortnightly meeting which then looks at ways to improve our school for the better, based on our children’s views.

School Councillors also help organise regular events which focus on the values of the school, particularly events which will raise our awareness about issues which we all care about.

Our latest School Council Report is available here.