Safety Campaign

"On three separate occasions my son and I have almost been hit by cars travelling at speed along Homesdale Road on the curve at the end of Liddon Road."


"Almost impossible to cross from Page Heath Lane to Cannon Road due to non stop traffic, lack of crossing. Very scary point and almost trying to do your best to avoid being hit by a car."


"I feel it's much safer to drive to school than walk. It's just not safe enough to walk, sadly!"

On Friday 9th March, we officially launched our Road Safety Campaign.

30 parents met to discuss how to best tackle some of the issues many of us face on our way to school in the morning.

As a school committed to developing leaders who can shape the world for the better, it feels right to get stuck in as many of us have experienced near-miss accidents due to dangerous road near our school.

We’ve committed ourselves to finding out more and have therefore launched a ‘Community-led Review of road safety issues. We surveyed all our families. We’ve also got families from Bickley Primary School involved.




Every child deserves to walk to school safely.

Unfortunately, for the children of La Fontaine and neighbouring schools in Bromley this is not happening at the moment.  Twice a day, many believe, they are taking unacceptable risks - but with your help we can change this.


What’s the issue?

In February, La Fontaine Academy re-located to Nightingale Lane, Bromley. The long awaited move to a permanent school site brought high hopes for many families to be able to walk to school from their local homes in Bromley and Bickley, something consistently encouraged by the La Fontaine community.

However, danger lurked at every corner, literally.

Certain roads in the area are simply not safe enough for pedestrians and cyclists. A number of alarming incidents between pedestrians and vehicles have been reported in the short time since opening, just two months ago.

Why do we care so much?

Walking to school would improve the health and wellbeing of our children whilst reducing traffic congestion and pollution in the area. As collective guardians for the young people of Bromley, we take this responsibility very seriously.

What have we done so far?

La Fontaine Academy have been working with the Council-appointed School Travel Advisor and relevant Bromley Road safety teams. Although some progress has been made, to date we have had no concrete reassurance that necessary safety measures will be implemented, beyond a handful of new road signs.

In order to highlight the need for timely action, we have been proactively working with families at Bickley Primary School. We are now aware that this is not a new problem.

We created a survey to understand the concerns and experiences of the families affected, with the intention of sharing this consultation with Bromley Council.

La Fontaine has pledged to offer all children walking to school, their own high-visibility jacket, plus funding for a lollipop person in the area. These solutions, although valuable, do not address the full issue.

What do we know now?

Our research shows that 90% of families questioned (across both schools) are concerned by pedestrian safety in the area surrounding school.

1 in 5 families asked, said that they have experienced a dangerous incident on the way to or from school.

27% of the families that responded said that their safety concerns affected their choices of transport to and from school. (This represents a potentially substantial reduction in future car use if the pedestrian routes were safer.)

Where are the hot spots?

The areas of most concern are:

Homesdale Road, Tylney Road, Nightingale Lane and Bishop’s Avenue. The narrow footpaths under local railway bridges were also highlighted as dangerous.

What do we want?

We want to continue to build a positive relationship with Bromley Council, to gain their support for this campaign in order to benefit the local schools and the wider community.

Families have asked for:

  • Safer crossing points
  • Better visibility near junctions
  • Reduce traffic speeds to 20mph
  • Improved signage for road users

And finally our aim …

To ensure Bromley becomes an even safer and better place to live, we want to meet with those candidates who get elected as Bickley Ward Councillors. Our aim is to meet with them and build a partnership which will result in a shared understanding of the issues we face.




For further details, including photos and videos, get in touch:

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