Our approach

At La Fontaine Academy, we take a purposeful and creative approach to the teaching of computing. Computing is taught through the three main strands progressively and assessed on a continuous basis:

*         Information technology (Create, organise, retrieve...)

*         Computer science (Design, write, debug...)

*         Digital literacy (User safety, content, privacy...)

In order to ensure and maintain safety at the forefront, each computing session is led by an e-safety scenario.  After which, each lesson is progressive by building on previous learning and ensuring new skills are introduced at the age appropriate levels.

Computing is taught regularly through discrete lessons as well as being integrated into other parts of our curriculum. At La Fontaine, our learners have access to IPads and Chromebooks; we teach Computer Science through Purple Mash and Information technology through Google Classroom.  This allows learners to be a part of moderated spaces as well as embrace the value of collaborative working spaces.
Where relevant, technology is used to demonstrate reality through publishing, spreadsheets and debugging programs. This allows our learner to have real life applications to their learning and ultimately encourage STEM based thought.

Our reason for taking this approach
La Fontaine have taken a purposeful approach to computing,  as we know technology will be the means in which the current generation will impose positive change on their world.  In order to make an impact, it is important for our learners to be aware of other users, malware and spam, all of which are integrated into our lessons. We teach the fundamentals of computing, and ensure that there is a clear progression of skills between year groups, to ensure that we are helping our children to prepare for technology that may not have been invented yet.