Times of the School Day

Start of the day

The La Fontaine school building opens at 07:00 and staff are permitted to be onsite from this time. The school day begins at 08:30 and all children enter via the main playground.

The school gates will be opened at this time and the children will be permitted to enter the building. We operate a ‘soft start’ meaning that children are able to come to school between 08:30 and 08:40; when they arrive at school, they will make their way to their classroom where they meet their teachers. Children do not line up at the beginning of the day. Members of the SLT and LSAs will be present on the playground and at points around the school building to ensure that children are entering the building safely and are getting to class efficiently.

When children arrive in class, there should be a question quadrant on the screen ready for them to work on – or a similar independent retrieval practice activity. The task available for the children is to be based on previously taught material and should be chosen to support the spaced learning principle, giving the children an opportunity to transfer knowledge from their working memory to their long-term memory. Children should be able to complete this task independently, so the teacher may use this time for individual conversations with children, i.e. book talk.

The playground gates will be closed at 08:40 and any children coming school after this time must enter via the main office and will be marked as late. The first lessons begin at 08:45, daily.

Assemblies will be daily for key stages one and two and they will take place in the Great Hall at the times given below:

Day Theme Timing & Year Group
Monday PSHE or RE – led by PSHE lead 10:15 (Y1, 2 & 3)      
10:35 (Y4, 5 & 6)   
Tuesday Vaules assembly – led by Phase Leaders 10:15 (Y1, 2 & 3)        
10:35 (Y4, 5 & 6)
Wednesday Music / singing – led by Arts curriculum lead 10:15 (Y1, 2 & 3)        
10:35 (Y4, 5 & 6)
Thursday Class Assemblies 10:15 (Y1, 2 & 3)        
10:35 (Y4, 5 & 6)
Friday Celebrating children who have demonstrated our school values throughout the week – led by SLT 10:15 (Y1, 2 & 3)       
10:35 (Y4, 5 & 6)

Reception will join the KS1 assemblies during the summer term, at the teachers’/phase leader’s discretion. Prior to this, Reception teachers will hold in-class assemblies.

Reception playtime takes place in the Reception playground at the times indicated on their timetable (times may change through the year, as the children develop and transition toward KS1). It is expected that they will join the KS1 playtime in the summer term, at the teachers’/Phase Leader’s discretion.

Time Year Group
0:15 – 10:30 Years 1, 2 & 3 playtime on the main playground
0:35 – 10:50 Years 4, 5 & 6 playtime on the main playground

A first aider will be timetabled to be on the playground for each playtime.

If it is wet play, children will stay in classes with an LSA or member of staff on duty (see Wet Play timetables).

Reception: 11:30 – 12:45

11:30 – 11:45 Dining skills in the Great Hall (supported by Reception teachers and LSAs)

Teachers and LSAs will accompany the children to the dining hall at 11:30 to support the serving of lunch and to actively teach dining skills, e.g. use of cutlery. At 12:00 (or earlier if the children are finished eating their lunch), the Reception children will be escorted, by assigned members of staff, to the Reception playground for the remainder of their lunchtime. It is expected that they will join KS1 on the playground in the summer term, at the teachers’/Phase Leader’s discretion.

Year 1 lunchtime: 11:45 – 13.00 (teachers are with the children in the lunch hall until 12pm)
Year 2 lunchtime: 11:50 – 13.00 (teachers are with the children in the lunch hall until 12pm)
Key Stage Two lunchtime: 12:00 – 13.00

A first aider will be timetabled to be on duty for each lunchtime.


End of the day

The La Fontaine school day ends at 15:00 for all children. All children are collected from the main playground with classes lined up around the edge of the playground for dismissal; children will be dismissed once the teacher has seen the approved person who is collecting.

Staff will wait with the children in their line for 10 minutes after the end of the day. At 15:10, children will be taken to the main office and registered as a late collection – the administration team will contact a parent/carer to find out when they child will be collected.

Children in afterschool clubs will wait with LSAs on the slopes until their club leader is ready to collect them at 15.10.

Clubs will operate 15:15 – 16:30. Club leaders will dismiss the children from the playground.