Absence Reporting


Attending school regularly is important for individual children and for all in the class. By attending each day, every child makes progress by building their knowledge, understanding and skills.

In addition to making academic progress, being present each day enables children to spend time with their friends, keep up to date with what the class is doing and feel the sense of belonging by to the school community. Within STEP, we strive for each pupil to achieve 100% attendance each term, and we enjoy celebrating with them when this milestone is reached. 

Reporting Pupil Absence

There may be occasions when it is impossible for your child to attend school. If this should be the case, as the parent or carer of the child, please call the Academy office by 9:00am on the first day of absence.

A reason for the absence will be required. Alternatively, parents can leave a voicemail and we will follow up as required. Please note, it is not possible to inform the Academy of an absence by text message or email. Also, any absence which is not accounted for will be categorised as being unauthorised and as such, a member of staff will phone home on the morning of the first day of any absence if we have not been contacted before 9.00am.

If the absence extends beyond one day, the parent or carer must contact the Academy daily to update on the medical condition and the anticipated length of time of any continued absence.

On the child’s return to school, a note explaining the reason for the absence and/or medical evidence must be provided.

As part of our duty to safeguard pupils in our care, absence rates are carefully monitored. In addition, the Academy Leadership Team and appointed Education Welfare Officers will work with parents to ensure each child attends school for the maximum amount of time.

Absence from School in Term Time

The taking of holidays during term time will be categorised as an unauthorised absence.