health & Wellbeing (including PE)

Our approach

At La Fontaine Academy, we take great care in the 'Health and Well-Being' of our staff and children. We offer a happy, safe and caring environment for all.  We want all children in our school to develop the self-esteem, awareness and self-confidence to play an active part in school life and be perceived as valuable members of their communities. Health and Wellbeing is not the responsibility of any one teacher or subject, but is best addressed through contributions from a range of teachers, in a number of curricular areas. All children are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of after school clubs that allow them to practise and become masters of music, sport, languages and more.

At La Fontaine, we actively encourage children to take a healthy approach to eating.  At break time, Reception and Year 1 are given fruit and can pay for milk. Year 2-6 are allowed to bring in a healthy snack. We believe in creating an inviting dining space for the children to eat with their teachers to encourage good manners and interesting conversation.

We do this by:

*         Providing the children with two and a half hours of Physical Education per week.

*         Taking the children to swimming lessons for half a term for each year group.

*         Teaching PSHE through Assemblies and class circle times.

*         Regularly getting feedback from staff and parents about their well-being.

*         Providing the school with a variety of clubs for all year groups.

*         Offering healthy lunches for all staff and pupils.

*         Teaching children

The Association for Physical Education (afPE) states that:

Physical Education makes a difference for children by making them productive, enterprising, successful, vibrant, inclusive, tolerant, inspired, positive and outstanding.

Our reason for taking this approach
We have chosen to take this approach at La Fontaine to ensure all children receive the highest quality Physical Education and live a healthy lifestyle.  Following research there is a link between children achieving well at school academically and physical activity.

"There is also evidence that physical activity is linked to better cognitive functioning." (Sibley and Etnier, 2003).

We also want children at La Fontaine to have access to a variety of different clubs after school, so they are able to find their own passions.  Whether that be tennis, ballet or French.  We want children to have a positive attitude when coming to school and ensure their mental health is nurtured.

There is evidence that physical activity has a positive effect on mental health in children, including reducing anxiety and depression and improving mood. (Ahn and Fedewa, 2011)