Representation Matters (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)

La Fontaine is a proudly, and proactively, inclusive school that strives to ensure that all children feel seen, heard and appreciated.


We celebrate our differences, as our differences are what make us stronger as a community.

- School equality statement; adopted November 2021


At La Fontaine Academy, we lean into the proactivity of our staff, parent/carer community, governors and our Representation Matters Council (made up of students across Key stage 2) to guide and inform what subjects and lived experiences we explore as part of our ongoing journey. Our aim is to give visibility to the different layers of representation that exist in our school community and wider society. There is not a hierarchy, however we make equitable decisions to level the playing field or find balance where historically we've seen a lack of representation.

Further information on our Represention Matters initiative can be found in the following document:

Representation Matters overview

Ensuring that we are a fully inclusive environment is an ongoing process and is a partnership with our entire community. Examples our work to date can be found in the following drop downs:

We want our children to have a voice in the equity, diversity and inclusion work we are so passionate about at La Fontaine Academy.

Our Representatin Matters Champions are volunteers from across Key Stage 2 who give up their time to work with teachers on our equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The children share their ideas, and feedback, with the teachers and also design and deliver assemblies to the rest of the children in the school. In these important assemblies, the Representation Matters Champions introduce the school to words and ideas that are designed to make the children think about how we can be a supportive environment for all. Examples of their assemblies can be found via the following links:

Representation Matters Champions Assembly - Race Equality

Representation Matters Champions Assembly - Harmony & FestivalsRepresentation Matters Champions Assembly - Xenophobia

We hope that our Representation Matters Champions are examples to people of all ages of how your voice, and education, can be powerful tools in building a welcoming community! 

Words matter. However, words can also be a barrier to understanding, as often people are worried about inadvertantly causing offence and so can avoid useful conversations. To support with this, our Representation Matters steering group developed a 'language playbook' to support inclusive conversations and give guidance on how to navigate - what can seem to be - tricky situations with compassion and kindness. 

Representation Matters Language Playbook

Black History Month is celebrated in the UK every year during October. While Black history is integrated throughout our curriculum, we think it is important that a light is shined on an area of our shared history that has traditionally been under-represented in schools. The contribution of Black people, as well as those from different cultures, has had a major impact on British and world history and we want our children to be able to recognise this. 

More information on Black History Month and its importance can be found here:

Black History Month: What is it and why does it matter?


During October, children learn about historical figures such as Olaudah Equiano, Nelson Madela, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Dr Martin Luther King Jr. We also hold events such as the non-uniform day when everyone wears red so that we can 'Show Racism the Red Card'. We also host special assemblies and have guest speakers, as well as our Representation Matters champions, who talk to the children about the importance and impact of Black history.

We also encourage children to do some independent research about significant figures from history that have positively impacted a range of fields, including artists, scientists and authors. Following their research, children have the opportunity to present their findings to their class to increase awareness of some of the people that some history curriculums may neglect to mention.

Black History Month Projects

For our lessons and projects, we produce many of our own resources, as well as using materials (and inspiration) from external organisations, such as:

Black History Month

World Afro Legacy

Race and Conscious Equality (RACE) Charter Mark is for schools wishing to demonstrate their commitment to action and improvement in relation to race equality in all aspects of their work, as educators, employers and community leaders.

Developed by SSAT (the  Schools,  Students  and  Teachers  network) and  Fig  Tree  International, the Race and Conscious Equality (RACE) Charter Mark is for schools, academies and  colleges,  both in  the  state  and  private  sectors, in  the  UK  who  wish  to  demonstrate  their commitment  to  action  and  improvement  in  relation  to  race  equality in  all  aspects  of  their  work  as educators,  employers  and  community  leaders.

In November 2022, La Fontaine Academy completed a comprehensive package of training for governors, senior leaders and middle leaders, and submitted an evaluation detailing their work towards equality so far and an action plan pledging their commitment to ongoing development in this area. Following this work, La Fontaine Academy was awared the prestigious 'Silver RACE Charter Mark'.

News dates race charter mark certificate la fontaine

Angelina Idun, Director of Education, SSAT said:

“I am delighted that La Fontaine Academy has been awarded the silver RACE Charter mark. Their application and action plan clearly show a positive ethos and culture which champions and strives for conscious equality and inclusivity throughout the school community. We look forward to continuing to work with the school to see their strategic vision fully realised”

Ann Palmer, CEO, Fig Tree International said:

“I am absolutely delighted that La Fontaine Academy is receiving this recognition.  This recognises their determination to make a difference, not only in their own school, but also in the local community.  La Fontaine Academy has joined a great group of schools and colleges who are part of the RACE Charter Mark community. We applaud them for their work and aspirations to build a more inclusive society.”

As part of our celebration of different cultures and world religions, La Fontaine Academy hosted a celebration of Eid al-Fitr in April 2024.

In the past, the La Fontaine community have come together to break the fast at Iftar, where everyone contributed a dish to the communal table. However, this year, after a thoughtful dialogue with the charity Peace of Cake, who have successfully organised Iftar events at other schools, we've gained a new perspective: we acknowledge that asking our fasting friends and families to prepare an evening meal might be asking too much after a day of fasting.

Following the conversation with Peace of Cake, we decided that, instead of Iftar, we would host a celebration of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The event was designed to not only be a celebration of Eid, but be a celebration of our whole school community.

It was heart-warming to see so many families come together to celebrate this special occasion. Our celebration featured a diverse array of cuisines from around the world: from Greek pastitsio to aromatic Jollof rice, the spread was truly impressive. We delighted in homemade drinks, savoured Brazilian delicacies, and enjoyed slices of piping hot pizza.

As we continue to celebrate diversity and unity within our community, we look forward to future gatherings filled with delicious food, shared laughter, and cherished memories.

Eid 2024 3

Eid 2024 2

Eid 2024 1


We are proud of our differences; they are what make us unique as individuals and special as a community. 

Each year since 2021, La Fontaine Academy has held a 'Diversity Week' in June to celebrate the diversity of our community and re-affirm our commitment to inclusion for all. The inspiration for this came from the organisation 'Just Like Us' who have developed a UK-wide celebration of LGBT+ equality in primary and secondary schools. We have kept the spirit of this, and make use of some of the resources available (see below for examples), but in true La Fontaine style have made it our own! We have broadened the scope to be a culmination of all of the diversity and inclusion work that we do through the year, whether that be through events or the curriculum. 

Our plans evolve each year and aim to give the children an opportunity to learn, and ask questions, about different parts of society - including those that they may not have come across before. As with all of our educational activities, every lesson, activity or visitor is developed with the primary age group in mind and all information shared is child-friendly and age appropriate. We want our children to be informed, but also curious and we provide a supportive environment in which they can ask questions. 

Diversity Week is also about our own community. Each year, we invite families to come and talk about an area of inclusion that they feel passionate about and, perhaps, wish that they knew more about when they were at school. We are always keen to hear from people about their lived experiences and to share in their knowledge, which is often beyond what we could learn from a website or a video. Some examples of parent-led assemblies are below:

Parent Assembly - Inclusion

Parent Assembly - Hinduism

Parent Assembly - Socio-economic status

We are always looking for new and creative ways to celebrate during Diversity Week. The most recent plan can be found below; if there are any family members that would like to support with our activities (or have any great ideas or resources for us to look at) please get in touch with the school office. 

Diversity Week Plans 2023

Below are some examples of the whole school projects we have undertaken that were inspired by the Just Like Us resource pack. 

A rainbow pride flag made up of individual self-portraits painted by the children in every year group:

Finished flag 2

Our Diversitrees. We give each child a handprint and ask them to write on each finger what makes them individual and special; this could be their language, religion, who they live with, their skin colour, their hobby, etc. These are then put together to form a ‘Diversitree’ in the dining room: